Certified CPDT-KA 2011

  • Min 30 hours continuing education per year
  • Member Pet Professional Guild
  • Member APDT
  • Founder of Positive Dog Training Colorado
  • Admin Beyond Cesar Milan Moderator
  • Moderator, Southern Colorado Pitbull Advocates
  • Moderator Board and Train for Force Free Professionals
  • CPR and Pet First Aid Certified 2010
  • Registered Small Business

Meet Susan Wiater

I began training dogs in the late 80’s, when pinch and shock collars, alpha rolls, and dominance was considered acceptable.  I had a huge wake up call several years later when I started working with fearful, aggressive and reactive dogs. I realized I wasn’t comfortable with the way I was training, and what I was doing wasn’t working the way I needed it to.  I was changing behavior (sometimes), but I was ruining my relationships with these dogs.

That led me to researching more current and scientific training methods, taking classes, going to seminars, interviewing and working with other trainers, and completely reeducating myself.  When I started applying a positive approach to training, the results were phenomenal!  Not only was I happier and less stressed out, but the dogs were happier and less stressed out, making learning faster, easier, and fun for both ends of the leash.

I now try to educate people as much as possible and encourage them to trust their gut.  If it doesn’t seem right to put a choke chain on a four month old puppy – don’t do it!  It’s not necessary and there are much better options. 

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